Community Driven

Game Creator is a community driven product. That means that you can have a real impact on the direction of the development cycle. We internally have our own roadmap but if there’s a community consensus that a certain feature should be implemented first, we hit the pause button and implement that feature.

Why Game Creator?

Because it’s a highly flexible tool that does all the heavy lifting of game development so you can focus on what matters: Making awesome games!
Game Creator comes packed with state-of-the-art components like the Characters, which allow you to drag and drop a model and Wham! you have a working player with walk, run and jump controls, head tracking, advanced Inverse Kinematics for correct feet placement and a bunch of other cool stuff.

About this Documentation

Each Game Creator module has its own Section. Each Section contains an introduction chapter that overviews the core concepts. It is advised you read first the Overview page. Then you can decide to follow the guide from top to bottom or jump to between sections.
Game Creator is extremely easy to use. Despite this, sometimes certain features might require some extra explanation. Here’s how this documentation describes highlights:

Basic Concepts

Game Creator provides a set of flexible tools to create any game of any genre. On top of the core tools Catsoft Studios and the rest of the community builds Modules that extend Game Creator’s functionalities adding new features and improving existing ones.
For example, the Inventory module give you a set of extremely easy to use tools to create items which produce different effects when consumed. It also allows you to easily define crafting recipes between different items and what happens when these two are combined.
You can manage all your Modules from the Module Manager window [⌘ + Shift + M]. You can download integration modules, Actions, Conditions and Triggers from the Game Creator Hub.

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