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Dialogue Anatomy

The Dialogue module is a Component that can be attached to any scene Game Object or prefab. To create one, right click on the Hierarchy Panel and select Game Creator → Other → Dialogue.

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(All available Dialogue elements)

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is where all the Dialogue items are created. It’s located at the top of the Dialogue component.
- Add Text: Create a dialogue line.
- Add Choice Group: Prepare the Dialogue for a set of choices.
- Add Choice: Can only be added below a Choice Group. Represent a choice line.
- Delete element/s: Removes all selected items.
- Search: Type to search a specific line of dialogue.
- Maximize/Minimize: Toggle between fullscreen and normal mode. Useful for large conversations.

Dialogue Elements

Any Dialogue is composed of the combination of 3 types of elements: Text, Choice Groups and Choices.

Text Elements

The most common element on a conversation between characters. The Text element allows to display a text following a set of rules defined by the Conditions tab and execute a set of Actions (if any) that can be found in its homonym tab. If a custom skin is provided, it will use it for this specific line of text. Otherwise, it will use the one set in the Preferences Window.

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Additionally, you can also specify what happens after executing a Text element. The default behavior is that it continues to the next one (which is the most common option), but sometimes you might want to end the conversation upon reaching a certain point or jump to a previous node.
To do so, change the After Run property to Exit to end the dialogue or Jump to jump to another dialogue line. Continue will jump to the next element (if any).

Choice Group & Choices

Choice Group and Choice elements go hand in hand. A Choice Groups behaves like TEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
-  : liste tous les intertitres de l’article
-  : liste tous les documents de l’article sous forme de mini-vignette non cliquables. Avec deux paramètres :

width : largeur de la vignette en px,
raz : nombre de vignette sur une seule ligne. Juste après la Nième(raz) vignette, un
est inséré.