- Advanced AI
popularité : 90
Levels and XP popularité : 98
Simple Health Bar popularité : 87
Regenerative Mana popularité : 92
Poison Status Effect popularité : 85
Strength and Armor popularité : 86
Lockpicking popularité : 91
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Here are the key elements of this particular Status Effect.

- We want out Poison to slowly drain hit points from the player for as long as it’s active.
- We also want the Status Effect to wear off after some seconds.
- Last we also want to disable the player’s locomotion system and display: "You are dead".

Status Effect Definition

Open the Preferences Window and head to the Stats section. Open the Status Effects tab and create one.

The most important part here are the Has Duration property, which is set to true and the amount of seconds the effect lasts.

The other important section are the Actions. The Poison effect doesn’t have any On Start nor On End Actions. All the logic is inside the While Active Actions, which are a special Actions that is constantly executed while the effect is active. In this case we wait 0.1 seconds and right after that the health of the Invoker is reduced by a certain amount.

Adding a Status Effect

To apply the Status Effect all that needs to be done is to use the Status Effect Action. This instruction allows to add and remove individual elements or by category.

In this case we want the GrTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
-  : liste tous les intertitres de l’article
-  : liste tous les documents de l’article sous forme de mini-vignette non cliquables. Avec deux paramètres :

width : largeur de la vignette en px,
raz : nombre de vignette sur une seule ligne. Juste après la Nième(raz) vignette, un
est inséré.