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Creating and Editing

To create and edit global variables open the Preferences Menu [⌘+P] and select the Variables option.

To create a new global variable type in the name and press return or click on the + button. You’ll create a variable of type null, which means it holds no value.

Choose which type of value a variable will hold. You can then initialize its default value.

Saving Variables

Some variable types (strings, numbers, booleans, Colors, ...) can be saved between game sessions. This allows the player to pick up the game where they left when closing the application.
Not all variables can be saved between play sessions. For example, Game Objects can’t be saved because they are references to scene objects and thus they might not be present when reloading a scene.
To save a variable between sessions, mark the little checkbox next to its name. The header of the variable then will inform you that this variable is savable.


A game can end up with thousands of global variables. Game Creator doesn’t put any limit to the amount of varTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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width : largeur de la vignette en px,
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