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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEThe first three are responsible for interacting with the world and allow developers to visually script the world:

- Actions: List of instructions
- Conditions: Branch to different Actions depending on certain conditions
- Triggers: Respond to events and call Actions and Conditions

Apart from these three core components, there are also:

- Characters: Fully animated (and customizable) Non-Playable Characters
- Player: Same as a Characters but this one is under the control of the user
- Camera Motors: A collection of cinematic camera behaviors that can be switched between them.
- Variables: Allow you to store world information
- Hotspots: Give the player a reaction when passing by these components

The Player activates a Trigger when entering the green zone, which calls the Actions sequence

For example, a user controls a Character (Player) which when it steps on a Trigger, it executes a set of Actions (which can be a trap where rocks fall and reduce the player’s Health)


A set of instructions that are sequentially executed from top to bottom. For example, an Actions set could be the following one:

- Move Player near object Chest
- Play animation Open on object Chest
- Give 10 gold coins to Player

Example of an Action component:


An Actions component with three instructions

Click here to learn more about them.


Condition the execution of Actions. For example, you can check if the object Chest has been opened. If so, don’t increase the player’s gold coins, but show the message: This chest has already been looted!

Example of a Condition component:

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Click here to learn more


Triggers react to inputs and can execute one or more Actions and Conditions. For example, you can detect when the player enters a Lava Zone and execute an Action that makes the player take damage.

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Example of a Trigger component detecting when the Player Enters a zone

Click here to learn more about Triggers.


These are very simple components that are usually used together with Triggers. They allow to hint the player about interactive elements. These hints can be turned on and off depending on the type of interaction you want.

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(Example of a Hotspot where the Player will turn its head when being near)

For example, you can make the Player turn his head towards the hotspot to indicate there’s something that has caught his/her attention.


As its name implies, Characters allow to easily add non-playable characters to your world using one single click.

All Characters have walk, run and jump capabilities by default. They also have procedural feet placement using Inverse Kinematics.

Character 3D models can also be easily changed y dropping your 3D model onto the "Change MoTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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