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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEThere are 4 components in total:

- Stat UI: Displays current information of a Stat in different formats.
- Attribute UI: Displays current information of an Attribute in different formats.
- Status Effects UI: Shows information about all Status Effects of a target.
- Status Effect UI: Shows information about a single Status Effect of a target.

Stat UI & Attribute UI

Stats UI and Attributes UI are pretty much the same. They both share the common properties where you can attach a Text element to display its title name and other common properties. In this section we’ll cover the Attributes UI is exactly the same but with fewer fields:

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(Attributes UI component)

We’ve split the component in different sections. All of them but the first two are optional and won’t have any effect if left in blank.

A. Descriptors

You can display the title, description, icon or any of the descriptor properties of a Stat or Attribute by placing the corresponding Unity UI element.

B. Text Values

You can use these fields to display the value of the Stat or Attribute. These values can also be formatted using the square bracket notation.

- {0} refers to the current value
- {1} refers to the maximum value (or Stat value)

C. Fill Image

Because an Attribute is a value between 0 and a maximum value, they are usually used to represent heath, mana and energy gauges. The Fill Image is a special Unity property from an Image component that allows to mask a percentage of its sprite based on a value between 0 and 1.

D. Scaling

If instead of filling an image you prefer to scale it down based on the percentage of the Attribute value versus the maximum amount you can do it here.

For example, a health Attribute with a value of 300 of 500 (which equals to a 60%) would modify the scale of the Rect Transform to 0.6.

Status Effect & Effects UI

Status Effects and Status Effect UI (notice the extra "s" for the plural) handle the display of the different Status Effects a game object hasTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
-  : liste tous les intertitres de l’article
-  : liste tous les documents de l’article sous forme de mini-vignette non cliquables. Avec deux paramètres :

width : largeur de la vignette en px,
raz : nombre de vignette sur une seule ligne. Juste après la Nième(raz) vignette, un
est inséré.