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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEThe Weapon asset represents the definition of a specific weapon of your game. From a simple Steel Sword to a Fire spellbound Battle Axe.
We’ll divide this section of the documentation in three parts.

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(Weapon asset break-down)

Weapon Properties

The Weapon properties is composed of three subsequent sections that define how the weapon behaves and what special effects it plays at certain situations

General Properties
This section defines basic common parameters that differentiate this weapon from others.

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The weapon Name and a Description, which can be localized to any language the game supports.
The Default Shield can reference a Shield Asset, which will be used when equipping the weapon without specifying a shield.

Character State and Character Mask lets you define a Character State asset that will be used when the character has equipped the current weapon.

Weapon Model

The Weapon Model section defines the physical representation of the weapon the character wields and how it collides and deals damage onto enemies.

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(Weapon Model section)

The Prefab field lets you reference a prefab game object that should contain the 3D model of the sword.

The Attachment field determines to which limb the prefab will be instantiated. Because the weapon can be slightly offset from the center of the limb, you can tweak the position and rotation of the sword using the Position Offset and Rotation Offset fields.

Special Effects

The Effects section lets you choose which sound effects are played at certain points when wielding the weapon, as well as which particle effects will be spawned.

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(Effects section)

The field names are quite self explanatory. Audio Draw and Audio Sheathe are the audio clips played when the character equips and unequips the current weapon.
Audio Impact Normal is an audio clip played when the sword hits something and Audio Impact Knockback is played when the player gets knocked-back.

Similarly, the Prefab Impact Normal and Prefab Knockback prefabs are game object prefabs that get instantiated when this weapon hits something or knocks-back something. This is meant to be used for particle and light effects where sparks appear from the clash.

Combo Creator

Fighting games would be quite boring without proper combos. Each weapon can have its own set of combo attacks.

A typical combo is smashing the attack key stroke 3 times, and the player character will react executing three consecutive attacks.

The main difference between executing a combo attack after another attack is when this second attack starts.

We’ve already overviewed how an attack is structured: It has an anticipation phase first, where the character winds up its attack, an activation phase, where the weapon captures hits landed onto enemies, and a recovery phase, where the character follows through the attack due to its momentum.

However, a combo chain is supposed to take advantage of the current attack’s motion and allow to follow up another one using the momentum of the current one.