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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEShield assets complement Weapon assets and provide a way to block incoming attacks, as well as determine how much pressure the wielder can withstand.

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(Shield Asset overview)

There are 3 toggleable sections at the top of the asset Inspector and a bunch of Melee clip animation options below. We’ll go over all these from top to bottom.

General Section

This section looks very similar to the Weapon Asset’s homonymous tab. You can define a localized name, description and what 3D object will represent the shield.

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It is important to highlight that, contrary to the Weapon Asset’s 3D prefab, the Shield 3D prefab field is completely optional. This is due to the system will assume that if no 3D model is used as a shield, the blade of the weapon will be used for parrying.

Effects Section

This section allows to define which audio sound effects will be played when the character parries or perfectly deflects an attack. It also has a couple of prefab fields that are meant to contain particle effects that will be spawned when the character blocks or perfectly blocks an attack.

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(Effects tab)

Combat Section

This one is a bit more complex than the previous ones and has a direct influence on how the combat will look and feel.
The Defend State field, along with the Defend Mask, allows to define the pose in which the character will be when defending.

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(Combat tab)

The Defense Angle field determines which angle in front of the character will block incoming attacks. For example, a value of 180 degrees will block attacks from the front and to the sides. Any attacks coming slightly from the sides and to the back will hit the player bypassing the block.