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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEMelee Clips are the essential part of the Melee module. You can think them as animation clips in steroids, where you can not only define what animation will be played, but also what effects this animation has, when these happen and how this affects the character and enemies behavior.

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(Melee Clip overview)

There are 4 sections and a configuration timeline:

- Animation: Everything related to how this animation clip is played
- Motion: How the animation affects the character position
- Effects: What sound and particle effects will play
- Combat: How this clip affects combat

Animation Section

This section defines what animation will be played, and whether it’s going to use an avatar mask or not.

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The Transition In and Transition Out fields define the amount of blending between the current character animation and the one defined in this Melee Clip. Unless you go for an ultra-stylized game, these values should have a magnitude of around 0.1 and 0.4 seconds.

Motion Section

This section complements the previous one. It allows to define how the character moves during the playback of the animation by defining the delta increment of position.

Game Creator doesn’t support root motion. However, if you use an animation using root motion, you can extract the delta motion and use it in the Melee Clip.

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The Movement Multiplier field is a coefficient used to increase the scale of all motion proportionally.
Gravity influence defines how gravity will affect the character when playing this animation clip. A gravity influence of 1 will make the character react normally to gravity, while a value of 0 will make the character ignore the gravity.

Effects Section

This section allows to define which sound effects will be played when the Melee Clip is used as well as how much rigidbodies will be pushed (in case the Melee Clip is an attack and collides with a rigidbody).

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The Hit Pause toggle allows to create hit pause effects (also known ad freeze-frames). These are cinematic effects that increase the bombastic feeling of the impact of an attack.

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Hit Pause Amount is the time scale in which the game will be set and the Hit Pause Amount is the amount of real time seconds this effect will last for.

Combat Section

This section is quite important and tweaking its parameters will completely change the experience of the game.

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The Is Attack toggle defines whether this Melee Clip is considered an attack or not. This will enable or disable the timeline below and will hide and show options related to attacks.

Is Blockable defines whether this attack can be blocked by opponents. If an attack is not blockable, then it will bypass and hit any enemy, even if these are in a blocking stance.

Defense Damage and Poise Damage define how much this attack will chip from the hit opponent or opponents.

Interruptible field tells whether if this Melee Clip can be interrupted when being played or not. By default it should always be set to Interruptible. However, in some situations, it may be interesting leaving it as Uninterruptible. For example, an enemy attack that takes a good chunk of time to load and creates a devastating area of effect damage should probably be set to uninterruptible. This will prevent the boss from cancelling the attack when receiving damage froTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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