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Fixed Camera Motor

This is the simplest type of Camera Motor. It stays at a fixed position, just like a surveillance security camera and it can rotate to look at different types of targets.

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(Fixed cameras rotate towards their target)

- Default: Doesn’t rotate
- Player: Looks at the player
- Target: Looks at a specific target
- Position: Looks at a specific world-space position

Follow Camera Motor

The Follow Camera Motor is similar to the Fixed Motor as it allows to look at a specific target/position/player but it also allows to follow it.

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(Follow Cameras keep a constant distance from their anchor target)

Target Camera Motor

The Target Camera behaves much similar like the Follow Camera but also accepts a Look At target. It’s mostly used for Shoulder cameras where the camera is anchored to a position (Player’s shoulder) but the focus of the camera is targeting another scene object.

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(Camera orbits around the anchor while keeping both the anchor and target inside the screen)

Railway Camera Motor

The Railway Camera Motor is a little bit more sophisticated type of motor. It allows the camera to follow the target along a path (or rail) but never exceed it.

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(Railway cameras also have scene gizmos)

Railway Cameras are a bit difficult to understand at first but are a powerful tool to create cinematic experiences.


(See how the camera follows the blue ball when it’s inside its constrained bounds)

The player (blue ball) moves from right to left. When the player is within the plane of the blue line, the camera linearly interpolates the player’s position with its min-max path.

This type of cameras are very useful for corridors or narrow rooms.

Tween Camera Motor

The Tween Camera Motor allows to move the camera from a position A to position B within a time window. It is mostly used for cutscenes or small animations.

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(Move the camera from A to B within a time window)

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