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(Example of a Conditions object)

Even if the concept seems complicated, it’s actually fairly simple: Imagine you have a Chest that the player can loot. This Chest should only be looted once.

Upon clicking it, if it’s the first time, the player gets some items. Otherwise a message can be prompted stating that the chest has already been looted.

Anatomy of a Condition

Conditions work much like Actions, but instead of immediately being executed when called, they perform a set of checks before deciding which action to call (if any at all).

(Conditions anatomy: Clauses contain pairs of Conditions - Actions)

A Conditions object follows the following process:

Check the first Clause
- If all Conditions are true
- Then executes its Actions

If not all Conditions where true, jump to the second Clause
- If all Conditions are true
- Then executes its Actions
If none of the Clause Conditions is true, then execute a special Actions
Only one set of Actions will be called in a Conditions. If the first Clause of the Conditions are all true, only its Actions will be executed and the rest of the Clause won’t even be checked.

Available Conditions

Here’s a list of all available Conditions. Remember that each module adds new ones to the list. You can also find more Conditions visiting the Game Creator Hub.


|Condition Name|Description|
|List Variables contains Object|Returns True if a given Game Object can be found inside a List Variables|
|List Variables Count|Returns True if the amount of elements in a List Variables is greater or equal to a given value|
|Variable Bool|Compares a Variable with a boolean value|
|Variable Color||Compares a Variable with a Color value|
|Variable Game Object|Compares a Variable with a Game Object value|
|Variable Number|Compares a Variable with a Number vaTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
-  : liste tous les intertitres de l’article
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width : largeur de la vignette en px,
raz : nombre de vignette sur une seule ligne. Juste après la Nième(raz) vignette, un
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