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Do you want the player to get perk points he can spend on skills after completing tasks? Or do you prefer to have a common experience system where each level requires an ever-increasing amount of experience? Maybe you could increase the value of each stat depending on how much you make use of them.

There are countless ways of implementing a progression system. That’s why we decided to let you choose what’s the best way of doing it for your particular game.

(Particle Effect triggered right after reaching level 2)

But let’s get down to business. The typical RPG progression system consists of a series of threshold levels of experience upon when reaching them, the level amount is increased by one.

Level & Experience

We’ll need a couple of Stats to implement this system:

- Experience Stat: When the player kills or completes quests, he’ll increase the amount of experience points he has. These points will be used to determine the current level.
- Level Stat: Depending on the amount of experience points the value will vary.

The Experience Stat’s formula is the same as the health one, which returns the current value of the stat using the this[value] expression. So if the player has accumulated 100 of experienTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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