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(Player casting a Fireball towards an enemy)

In this case we’ll be covering how to deal damage to an enemy based on the attacker’s power and the attack receiver’s defense stats.

Attack & Defense Stats

First and foremost we need to define a couple of Stats that will be shared across all characters: The Attack and the Defense.

The Fireball

To cast the Fireball spell we need to create a Trigger that listens for a certain key (in our case the Mouse 0) so that it starts an Action that will instantiate the Fireball object.

This Fireball object will have a Trigger that detects when it collides with any game object. For every game object which it collides with, we’ll invoke an Action sequence that will reduce the health stat of the collided object.

Damage Output

We’ve previously seen how we can increase the mana of a character by a fixed certain amount over the course of time. NoTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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