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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEWeapons are scriptable objects that allow to configure how a weapon looks like, how to hold it, as well as link it to a particular Ammo object.

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lp2iCVG0XMR-phhfUkL%2F-Lp2jOFn6rc7hNt-tEEC% (...)

(Collapsed view of the Weapon object)

Fields Overview

We’ll overview each of the fields from top to bottom. Both the Name and the Description are quite self explanatory and are primary used when displaying the name of the currently active weapon on a UI canvas.

This section allows to configure some general settings, such as the sound effects played when drawing and holstering the weapon.

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lp2iCVG0XMR-phhfUkL%2F-Lp2lL8m9NAeg7FCWs9H% (...)

The Default Ammo field is a required one that is used when a Weapon is equipped but no ammunition is specified.

State Ease & State Aiming

When a Character pulls a weapon, it automatically enters a At Ease state, in which the Character can freely move with the weapon at hand.

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lp2iCVG0XMR-phhfUkL%2F-Lp2mJX6bDOULMYLhrvC% (...)

(State Ease properties)

The State Aiming section allows to configure how the Character will behave when, with a weapon at hand, it aims at a target.

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lp2iCVG0XMR-phhfUkL%2F-Lp2maD1SIbOdaUXv9eM% (...)

We’ll cover these two sections as one, since most of the fields are shared.

Pitch Offset
This property is exclusive of the State Aiming and allows to modify pitch (up and down) angle in which a weapon is aiming.

State and State Mask
These are one of the most complex properties to set. The Shooter module is heavily animation driven and relies a lot on the Game Creator’s custom animation system.

Let’s explain these concepts using the Revolver example. When the Character draws a gun, it plays an animation where its right arm reaches to its back and picks a revolver. After that, the character changes (or not) its stance.

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lp2iCVG0XMR-phhfUkL%2F-Lp2tCFjyEc2WsdoyP-e% (...)

(Switching between no weapon and at ease states)

This is done using a Locomotion State, which allows to have an animation clip played when entering the State (drawing the gun) as well as another one when leaving it (holstering the weapon).

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lp2iCVG0XMR-phhfUkL%2F-Lp2ueHNw_J4B8DoF181% (...)

(Locomotion State used for the At Ease State)

Stabilize Body
This option is a bit of a blackbox that magically makes your character’s upper body stand straight, despite of the animation.

This is done using a custom algorithm that reads information about the character’s hip and spine rotations and compensates their movement in order to keep the whole upper body steadier.

assets%2F-LAqwYovmUPn5V6CMeID%2F-Lq6n37zIczmdvsRlYPO%2F-Lq6tKdckXxJD5NMYfkD% (...)

(Left: No stability. Right: Stability turned on)

Notice how on the right side of the previous GIF, all bones from the shoulder to the hand stand very steady, whereas on the left side, all bones inherit the movement from previous bones, resulting in a lot of added noise at the tip of the gun.

Upper Body Rotation
This property allows to rotate the low spine bones of the Character in order to more accurately represent how the weight of the weapon afTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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