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Health Attribute

Let’s start from the beginning. In order to represent the health we need two create to elements:

- A Stat that defines the maximum amount of health
- An Attribute that holds the current amount of health

To do so, open the Preferences Window and click on Stats. If you have the Example 1 scene open, you’ll see there are a bunch of stats. The one that defines the maximum amount of health is called vitality.

The Attributes tab also has a some elements. As its name implies, the health attribute is the one that handles the health gauge and has the vitality stat bound.

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(Clicking on the RED box damages the player. Clicking on the GREEN one will heal him)

To represent the UI all we need to do is to create a Canvas UI object and add the Attribute UI component. This component allows to display a information about an Attribute in different formats and automatically updates the information when the attributTEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
-  : liste tous les intertitres de l’article
-  : liste tous les documents de l’article sous forme de mini-vignette non cliquables. Avec deux paramètres :

width : largeur de la vignette en px,
raz : nombre de vignette sur une seule ligne. Juste après la Nième(raz) vignette, un
est inséré.