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TEXTE AVANT FILTRAGEA Stat is a numeric value that represents a particular characteristic of a character or object. For example, how strong a character is or what is his maximum amount of health.

Stats are defined in the Preferences Window and then used in the Stats component on any Game Object.

In Preferences Window

You define the name, icon, color and different visual properties of a Stat. You also define the default value it will have (base value) and the Formula that will calculate its final value.

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In Stats Component

The Stats component is a container for all Stats and Attributes a character or object has, plus any Status Effects and Stat Modifiers.

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(vitality, wisdom, strength, agility and luck are all stats)

Stats in Runtime

The Stats module has a set of Actions, Conditions and Triggers that allow you to retrieve the value of a Stat. Its value is the result of applying an fixed number of steps:

(Cycle of calculating the value of a Stat)

Let’s take for example, the player wants to hit tree. In order to calculate the damage the tree takes, we need to calculate the player’s strength stat:

- (A) The default value of the stat strength and the formula are retrieved from the Preferences Window.
- (B) The Stats component might have overwritten the default value and/or the Formula object for that particular Stat. If so, those are the values that will be used. The Formula expression is then evaluated with the value as input.
- (C) The result of evaluating the Formula is then given as the input of the rest of Stat Modifiers (TEXTE APRES FILTRAGE
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