Setting up Game Creator is really easy.
1. Open the Asset Store and search for Game Creator
2. Download the latest version and check your Unity version is compatible
3. Open your Unity project or create a new one
4. Click on Open in Unity and it will automatically install

Core Overview

The heart of Game Creator is composed of different components that, used together, allow you to develop any type of game.

Advanced AI

In this video we’ll be looking at setting up a new and improved Enemy AI.
One that takes damage based on the weapon, one that actually dies when his health reaches or is below zero. One that also dynamically takes easy to setup cover and is a lot faster in responding to action while not missing his shots as much.


Games that don’t provide audible feedback or voice overs usually have a portrait and/or the name of the speaker so that the player knows who’s saying what. (Unavowed by WadjetEye Games) In (...)

Levels and XP

Until now everything’s been quite simple, right? Let’s spice things up! One of the most frequently asked questions is how to implement a good Level/Experience system.

Simple Health Bar

Health, Energy, Mana, Stamina, ... All these attributes are usually represented as a UI element. The Stats module provides a very simple way of showing those and define rules when they change.

Regenerative Mana

A lot of games feature some kind of regenerative gauge. It can either be health after a short delay of not receiving damage or a small but constant increase of the energy/mana points.

The Stats module’s second example shows how you can implement regenerative mana as well as casting a spell only if there’s enough points.

Poison Status Effect

The Stats module comes with a great tools to create any kind of Status Effect. Here we’ll learn how to create one of the most common ones: The Poison.

Strength and Armor

Until now we’ve seen how we can output, check and modify Stats and Attributes that involve one single target. But what happens when we need to target more?


If you are reading this means you should already be an expert using the Stats module. This time we won’t be covering a new feature, but show you how can you use the Formulas and Stats for other things that aren’t tightly related to your character’s progression.


the wellknown Ethan character have been customized and some accessories are added Download him for (...)

#0004_Crystal VFX

animated material lowpoly meshes VFX activated on trigger enter #0004_Crystal VFX


Climbable elements are much more complex than Obstacles as they allow Characters to decide how to traverse them, either via input or automatically.
Similar to Obstacles, Climbable elements are composed of a Climbable component that references a Climbable Clip, which determines how the Character will traverse this particular Climbable element.