Hey all I just produced the first video of the product my team and I have been working on, an Action/RPG titled "Makoto".
We switched to GC last week and rebuilt everything we’d spent nearly a year working in just a few days. Anyways, I’m out for the night but here’s our first Basic AI and Combat test :D

Sketchy Adventures

From the moment You enter the world of Sketchy Adventure You will find out that the so called bird temple has been opened after thousands of years. Colorfull birds spread across the landscapes of Sketchy World, from cities to remote islands and the desert. It is up to You to gather information from the many residents of Sketchy World and to form Your own answers. Sketchy Adventure is about exploring and power of imagination

FetaKnight experiments

FetaKnight search his inspiration in the Devil May Cry combo’s}



kinda like what I’m doing with my game Braverz.. this is all made with GC and photon

Simple Horror Game

Hey all I just want to show off what I was able to make in GameCreator in a little under a week. This tool is incredibly powerful and intuitive to use!
by xclipse269

Advanced AI

In this video we’ll be looking at setting up a new and improved Enemy AI.
One that takes damage based on the weapon, one that actually dies when his health reaches or is below zero. One that also dynamically takes easy to setup cover and is a lot faster in responding to action while not missing his shots as much.